Automate and Simplify

SellerCloud´s powerful capabilities automate and simplify your inventory management.

SellerCloud automatically adjusts inventory through purchasing or vendor feeds. Low inventory alerts make it simple and convenient to place a re-order from the appropriate supplier directly from SellerCloud. Product availability amounts are automatically updated across all marketplaces.

SellerCloud´s end-to-end platform will automatically reserve availability when an order is first created and decrease it from physical inventory upon shipping.

For merchants that have inventory in multiple warehouses, SellerCloud can allocate inventories and designate orders based on predefined pre-sets or rules, such as region, shipping method, or other special designation of inventory.

SellerCloud really has a unique dynamic inventory system where we can track inventory that is both user facing and customer facing. Typically, inventory is only reduced once an order is processed, while SellerCloud can reserve inventory for specific campaigns or pending orders.

    • Keep inventory in sync across all sales channels
    • Supports multi-warehouse management
    • Inventory tracking from the time of receiving to shipping
    • Issues low stock alerts to re-order
    • Updates inventory from vendor feeds
    • Reserve inventory for specific deals and channels