Amazon Integration

SellerCloud's Amazon integration helps you maximize your presence and selling power with an effective edge in the world's largest online retail marketplace.

With Amazon seller integration, all of your Amazon domestic and international accounts can be managed through SellerCloud's powerful platform, both merchant fulfilled and FBA. SellerCloud's integration with Amazon Custom will place the customization request right on the order note, allowing you to easily fulfill the order to the customer's specifications. View all our integration channels.

As an Amazon marketplace seller, listing is made easy with tools to match your products with existing Amazon listings, retrieve product information and post them for sale. Inventory availability and pricing on the Amazon seller portal are managed though SellerCloud.

Multiple Amazon listings can be linked to a single inventoried SKU with SellerCloud's unique shadowing capabilities. For example, you may have a phone charger that can be listed under two different listing like if it's an accessory for two different phones. While Amazon does not allow duplicate SKUs, you can use the shadow tool to create a virtual product with a different SKU and link that product to a second listing. The product's inventory will be updated based on the inventoried SKU, so there's no need to allocate inventory for the shadow SKU.

Bundling kits enables listing products in both as individual products and as kits while maintaining inventory integrity. This means that the kit will draw inventory from its components, so as inventory is added to components the kits available inventory will increase. Likewise, when the kit sells the component's inventories will be deducted accordingly.

SellerCloud is also used for managing and processing orders, including shipping and packing slips. Amazon settlement data is retrieved to ensure accurate profit and loss on each order. Read about all SellerCloud software features.

SellerCloud supports Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime program, where merchants can offer the same prime benefits for merchant-fulfilled listings that were previously exclusive to Amazon-fulfilled listings. The required process of purchasing Amazon shipping labels can be done directly through SellerCloud, enabling you to manage all your orders from one order management portal.

SellerCloud enables full FBA Management including accurate restocking with predictive restocking for FBA Inbound Shipments. The inventory and value of your products at FBA is monitored in SellerCloud with FBA Reconciliation.

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  • Amazon International Marketplaces
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Automatic download of Amazon orders into SellerCloud
  • Automatic tracking upload from SellerCloud to Amazon
  • Import Amazon listings directly into SellerCloud
  • Publish listings
  • Automatic inventory updates
  • Update pricing
  • Amazon custom
  • Track Amazon order promise date to insure ontime fulfillment
  • Gift Order support to manage gift wrap and gift message requests
  • FBA Inbound Shipment management to create and manage shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers directly from SellerCloud
  • Cancellation and refunds managed directly from SellerCloud
  • Create FBA inbound shipments directly from SellerCloud
  • Predicted restock for FBA to forecast inventory required based on past sales
  • Profit and loss tracking based on settlement data
  • Automatic feedback requests
  • Automatic product review requests
  • Amazon ASIN Merge and Listing Audits to track changes to listings
  • Integration with 3rd party repricers
  • Amazon seller inventory management