Ebay Integration

As an eBay-certified compatible application since 2010, SellerCloud integrates seamlessly with eBay's unique auction and fixed-price selling platforms. Integrating your domestic and international eBay inventory software accounts with SellerCloud allows you to synchronize all your marketplace accounts, while easily creating eBay listings, manage inventory, and process eBay orders from one central location. View all our integration channels.

SellerCloud offers full eBay integration with eBay Motors, with the ability to add fitments to listings directly from SellerCloud to help you increase visibly and save on insertion fees.

Listing is made easy with capabilities such as templates utilizing tags to automatically populate product information. Bundling kits enables listing products in both as individual products and as kits while maintaining inventory integrity. Variations can be published directly from SellerCloud with inventory dependent on the variation components.

SellerCloud will manage and process eBay orders, including shipping and packing slips. All eBay and Paypal fees, including the final value and transaction fees are retrieved to ensure accurate profit and loss on each order.

Unique eBay selling features such as local pickup, no immediate payment required, and eBay Now are fully supported in SellerCloud.

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  • Publish fixed-price listings
  • Paypal payment support including micropayments
  • Schedule and publish auctions
  • eBay feedback requests
  • eBay Now support
  • Authorize.net support for eBay
  • Create auction campaigns
  • eBay Motors and Parts Compatibility support
  • eBay inventory management
  • Automatic Inventory, Price, order download, tracking uploads
  • eBay international sites
  • eBay website integration